Brazil after becoming the effective test center for Vaccine Covid-19 for three months, 45,000 people in Southeastern Brazil's town came to pick sweet fruits.

In recent weeks, after most adults of the town of Serrana injected enough two Covid-19 vaccine nose, the number of infections and deaths had decreased and life began to return to normal, whether many other places in


Photo: WSJ.

In the town center, children laugh and chase each other throughout the main square, while many groups of friends have fun chatting in the afternoon sun even though they don't wear a mask.

"We feel free," said Homero Cavalheri, a 68-year-old retirement architect, said he no longer had to stay in every afternoon.

"Everything is new to the boy," he said when he hugged his little grandchild.

Homero Cavalheri couple walking with a one-year-old grandson on the main square in the town of Serrana, State Paulo this week.

The experiment in Serrana, the town of Brazilian sugar cane, has brought hope for many other countries around the world in the war with a pandemic that mass vaccination is effective.

All adults in Serrana were vaccinated in Coronavac in the period from February to April according to the test program called S. This is the first mass vaccination test in Brazil, applied to these

Butantan Institute, Community Research Center, where the Coronavac vaccine produced in Brazil and executive testing, declined to comment until the full results were announced later this month.

However, the results recognized so far make many towns and towns very happy.

"These numbers have said it all", Léo Capitelli, Mayor Serrana, said.

The effectiveness of Coronavac can also be clearly seen at the town's special care area waiting room.

In the past three weeks, the only person must put a breathing machine as a woman who refuses to vaccinate.

But in other regions in Brazil, the new country has a full vaccination for 7% of the population, the pandemic situation is very different.

After recording an average of 67 new infections a day in March, Serrana's current new infections are only 17 people every day.

In April, Serrana reported 6 people died of Covid-19.

Officials Syrana said one of the biggest surprises was that most people agreed to vaccinate.


Photo: WSJ.

Serrana's research is provided with additional evidence of Coronavac's effectiveness in global studies.

Located in Sao Paulo state, Serrana is chosen to experiment because it is a town with high infection and density of travelers.

Sinovac has provided free vaccines for testing in Serrana.

Most Serranians feel grateful when they have the opportunity to be fully vaccinated.

"We are living in a cocoon in the heart of Brazil. My mind worries my mind has been removed," he said.

Town officials still require people to continue wearing a mask and complying with other precautions.

However, not everyone is convinced of vaccination.

"A friend of mine also removes the disease by leaving the hot air from the hairdryer blowing into the nose and down the throat, but then still goes on vaccines. Fool!", Franciscone said.

Teenagers gathered to talk to each other in the central area of Serrana, Star Paulo this week.

Serrana hopes to quickly restore the economy, after the pandemic makes the unemployment rate increase to 25%.

Jose Ricardo Aranda, 48, owned a hotel near Expressway Sao Paulo City with the neighboring Minas Gerais state, said Serrana became a favorite stop.

After struggling because there was no guests during the last few months last year, Mr. Aranda said the business gradually returned to normal, when guests filled half of the 35 hotel rooms.

Flávia Cedrinho, owner of clothing store on the main square, where rich women often stop by, said revenue has decreased by 30% compared to normal but everything can be worse without Project S.

Mayor Capitelli said that some other textile and garment factories have contacted the government to find ways to establish production and trading facilities in the town, to take advantage of vaccinated labor.

"Our town will become the golden child of the area," he said.