Health Minister Lautterbach said that some hospitals in Germany are in danger of bankruptcy and closed in the context of escalating energy costs.

If we do not respond quickly and drastically, they will have to close, German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach told the ARD State Television on October 16.


Photo: AFP

He will also discuss with German Finance Minister Christian Lindner tomorrow to strengthen the federal support for hospitals, but not reveal details.

Last week, the German Hospital Federation called on officials to act quickly to prevent the risk and estimate the financial shortage of material and energy costs of hospitals up to 15 billion euros (14.6.

While asking questions about the basis of this figure, Lauterbach admitted that hospitals would face very serious liquidity in the next few months.

German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach replied a press conference in Berlin, October 14.

EU countries are struggling with a serious energy crisis, when the price of gas is high, increasing inflation in the EURO common currency area.

Inflation in Germany reached 10.9% in September, the highest of all time since the country was unified in 1990, according to the Destatis Federal Statistical Office data announced on October 13.

Anxiety about the energy crisis is spreading at the top of the European economic train.

The shock of the current energy price, plus the supply chain interruptions due to the pandemic and the weak demand for German trade surplus.

Germany has about 1,900 hospitals with 490,000 beds.

Storage firewood, warm clothes in case of the risk of energy shortage in the winter, but many Vietnamese in Europe still cannot help but be unsettled when it becomes cold early.

Basf chemical factory on the banks of the Rhine, symbol of German industrial strength, is showing how serious energy crisis can be.