When international travel can be resumed, many people realize that they injecting the Vaccine Covid-19 can decide where they are allowed to enter.

Residents of Hong Kong Marie Cheung regularly to mainland China to work for electric vehicle manufacturing companies, but it has been interrupted by isolation regulations since the pandemic began.


Photo: AFP

Hong Kong allows residents to choose between two types of vaccines: Sinovac of China or US Pfizer.

"For those who need to work or return to mainland, Chinese vaccines are the only option," Cheung said.

A nurse in Rural Colombia injected Vaccine Sinovac this month.

When the vaccination efforts are increasing around the world, any vaccination can identify a person who can enter and work in any countries.

In China, this trend is increasingly clear when the country only approved domestic vaccines, while their vaccines are not licensed in the US or Western Europe.

For millions of people around the world, which cannot choose which vaccine injections, the risk of many places only recognizes certain vaccines that lead to the possibility that even when being vaccinated fully, traveling

"Global separation based on vaccines will only prolong and exacerbate the economic and political consequences of the epidemic", Nicholas Thomas, Associate Professor of Medical Security at Hong Kong University, said

Many countries have closed the margins to prevent pause, some countries allow only entry citizens and require a few weeks isolation.

Governments from China to Europe are discussing vaccine passports but are not clear whether the countries will recognize all vaccines or have a selective recognition, especially when increasingly popping many NCOV variants

China has relaxed to ask for a visa for foreign vaccinations in March, allowing them to ignore the NCOV test or fill out the declaration.

But Chinese vaccines are only deployed in some countries like Brazil, Pakistan and Serbia.

However, the Chinese Embassy in Washington this week said that people who have injected a certain Western vaccine can still enter this country if they depart from Dallas, Texas.

"We think it is important to have a very high rate in the vaccinated community and the best way to do it to make choices," said Ker Gibbs, American Chamber of Commerce in Upper

As an important market and the business source of companies across the globe, China with strict border restrictions that have "great impact on our ability to conduct business," he said.

"Move is a top priority for us, both about allowing executives to go to China, as well as to their dependents returning to China," Gibbs said.

China is not the only place to limit the entry ability of those who have injected some types of vaccines.

Accreditation is a key issue for countries depending on tourism, when the global tourism industry worth 9 trillion USD has been paralyzed since the pandemic began.

While Indonesia and Thailand have approved and are implementing Chinese vaccinations, New Zealand and neighboring Australia, countries with Chinese relations worse in the past year for viruses and trade, do not.

"I don't know the possibility that Western countries to recognize the Chinese vaccine will actually be in the context of the current geopolitical environment," said Ether Yin, Trivium China's partner, a consulting company based in

"But the tourism industry or the global economy will not be able to actually resume if China and dozens of economies who use the vaccine of the country are deceived aside."

Katy Niu, 26-year-old Chinese citizens, ski enthusiasts and regular foreign tourism.

Before the pandemic happened, she used to travel internationally at least three times a year, from Paris's shopping on Champs Elysées Avenue to relax on a Southeast Asian beach.

Niu has not yet been vaccinated.