The suspicion of the Nazis Hitler last week was sold for $ 1.1 million, lower than the appraisers.

The auction of the Huber watch was reported on July 26 at Alexander Historical Auctions in Chesapeake, Maryland, USA.


Photo: Alexander Historical Auctions.

Hitler's suspicion was sold for $ 1.1 million on July 26.

Alexander Historical Auctions Note the authenticity of the origin of the auction artifacts only from the reviews of watches and historians.

The auctioned watch is part of the list of a blue dress of Hitler's wife, Eva Braun, images and words signed by Nazi officials and other items of Hitler.

These auctions were criticized in an open letter signed by 34 Jewish leaders, accused the auction house for disgusting transactions, taking advantage of memories, suffering and wounds of people.

In a phone interview, President Alexander Historical Auctions Bill Panagopulos said he appreciated the views of the Jewish leaders, but in addition, customers who buy watches are a Jewish in Europe.

The auction house in Maryland has sold other artifacts related to fascism in the past, like a dagger of Hitler Youth, Nazi youth organization, for $ 120 or a Nazi flag with a Nazi flag with