Countries around the world have applied forms such as early voting, regulating hours for elderly voter groups, to ensure the election between pandemics took place safely.

Covid-19 has reversed all aspects of life and changed the way of elections of countries in 2020. Due to the requirements of social interrogation, campaigns cannot be conducted as before


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Voters at the voting point in Mongolia in June 2020.

Singapore performs a similar approach when the ruling party organizes a rally, although the event is considered less exciting than previous years.

The cost of elections in the election in the epidemic period is higher due to the need to equip supplies such as gloves, facial panels, hand sanitizers and disinfectants.

Voters over the age of 65 are a large group of risks in front of Covid-19.

However, along with the regulation of all voters to wear gloves when in the vote boology, this led to many long-term voters in the afternoon and evening to wait for the turn.

In Jamaica, Jordan, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (Caribbean region), NCOV or isolated voters can also vote during the specified time on election day if they apply

The Czech Republic and Lithuania deployed the form of voting not leaving the car with NCOV infected people or self-isolation.

In the legislative election in March 2020, Israel set 16 vote stations for 5,630 voters who must beolated at home after returning home.

Plans antiseptic hands at the voting point in Singapore in July 2020.


Photo: Reuters

In addition, many countries also implement other forms such as early voting to reduce voters to overcrowded on election days.

Some countries change regulations on early vote to serve people who have to be isolated or infected with NCOV.

Voting by mail is the form of sending filled outlets by mail before a specific period of time.

Bavarian state of Germany and some US states have deployed complete elections through mail but this way is not done nationwide.

Voting households are a form of an authorized voter for others to vote for them.

21 Countries allow people to be isolated or infected with NCOV to vote at home with a mobile box, including Croatia, Czech Republic, Lithuan, Moldova (Eastern Europe), Montenegro (Balkan Region), Myanmar, North Macedonia, Romania and

In Montenegro, election officials are equipped with protective suits and trained to comply with the anti-epidemic process that brought mobile boxes to voters.

Seychelles (East Africa) sets 5 special vote points for voters working in essential services, hospitalized patients, residents in nursing homes and people in isolation facilities.

"Pandemic makes us consider whether or not traditional voting methods. Many countries in Europe and Asia - Pacific quickly adjusted procedures, through opening