India Hấn 40 Bodybuilding on the banks of the Ganges Located between Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, the authorities suspected that the Covid-19 victim was not buried.

"The incident happened in the Ganges in Buxar district, near Bihar and Uttar Pradesh boundaries. We have directed officials to handle bodies by burying or cremation," Ashok Kumar, local officials


Photo: AFP

Buxar County Communications said the number of bodies on the shore could be up to about 100, adding that many of these are decomposing and may have been in the river for several days.

Waiting for cremation in New Delhi in late April. Photo: AFP.

Local residents believe that the bodies are dropped into the river because the cremation areas are overloaded or relatives who do not have enough money to buy firewood.

Pandemic Covid-19 still swept India and is spreading rapidly in large countryside, causing overloading the health system as well as cremator and cemetery.

The Indian Government statistics show that every day about 4,000 people died of Covid-19, while the total number of deaths reached 250,000 in nearly 23 million people infected with NCOV.

The second Covid-19 wave pushes the Indian health system into the brink of collapse, many patients die due to lack of oxygen or not hospitalized.