Putin claimed to let countries want to defeat Russia on the battlefield to see why, and confirmed that the campaign in Ukraine could not be stopped.

Today we heard they want to defeat us on the battlefield.


Photo: Reuters

He accused the West that started the war in Ukraine and said that Russian military campaign marked the beginning of the shift to a polar world.

He also warned Ukraine and Western allies that Russia has not even started the military campaign seriously.

People should know that we have not started seriously.

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke to the leadership of the National Assembly in Moscow on July 7.

Since Russia launched a military campaign in Ukraine, the United States and European countries have weapons aid to Kiev, imposing strict sanctions on Moscow and repeatedly declared Russia had to be defeated.

In a speech to MPs, Putin said that most countries did not want to follow the Western dictatorship freedom and fake ethical standard.

People in most countries do not want to have such life and future.

The Russian leader also said that the West seemed to be really ready to fight with Ukrainians, which he thought was a tragedy for the people of Ukraine.

The initiatives of cooperation on the rocket defense have been rejected, warnings about the unacceptable ability of NATO expansion, especially with the cost of the republic of the Soviet Union.

He acknowledged that if the Western goal was to incite the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, then it was clear that they would have succeeded in.

They should have realized that they lost since our special military campaign began, because this means that the world's complete breakdown of the world set, Mr. Luu

This is considered the toughest speech of the Russian President since Moscow began the military campaign in Ukraine in late February.

Russia announced an important victory in Lugansk province, but also inspired many losses and face the challenge of the future.

Instead of stressful and tight -lipped as in the early stages of military campaign in Ukraine, Putin now shows calm and confident image.