Indian officials require social networks to remove all content to "Indian NCOV transformation", ie B.1.617 is spreading in many countries.

"We realized that a false information is popular online, implies the so-called 'Indian NCOV strains' is spreading throughout nations. This is completely wrong," said electronic and public sets


Photo: Reuters.

Indian officials refer to previous regulations to limit "news and false information" about Covid-19 pandemic on social networks as a basis for this ban.

Health workers and relatives moved the body of Covid-19 patients in Ahmedabad, India, on April 26.

"No NCOV strains are mentioned by the NCOV", according to the letter sent by the Indian Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology to social networks on May 21.

A Indian senior official said or requested to remove content sent to social networks to broadcast the strong message that the use of "Indian transformation" phrase spreads false and caused information

The strains B.1.617 was first discovered in India last year and was said to be the cause of Covid-19 wave devastating South Asian countries in recent weeks.

When the Covid-19 tragedy became serious in April, India also asked Twitter to remove dozens of tweet to criticize the government in poor pandemic.

According to real-time Worldometers, India currently recorded more than 26.2 million cases and more than 295,000 deaths due to NCOV, the world's second largest translation area.