North Korea calls the visit to the President of the US House of Representatives Pelosi a rough US intervention at China's internal work.

The rough intervention of American into other internal affairs of the country and political and military provocative actions from this country is really a deep cause of peace and security in the harassment.

Taiwan is an inseparable part of China and Taiwan's issue related to China's internal affairs, the spokesperson added.

The statement came after US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan on August 2, marking the visit of the highest American official to the island for 25 years, causing tensions to escalate between the two economies.

US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi (pink shirt) and Taiwanese foreign affairs leader Joseph Wu (left at Tung Son Taipei airport Taipei on August 2. Photo: Taiwan Foreign Agency.

China is the long -standing ally and the largest economic partner of North Korea.

We strongly condemn any external intervention on Taiwan's issue, and fully support the Chinese government to resolutely protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country, the statement of the country, the claim of

The President of the US House of Representatives came to Taiwan despite the harsh warnings from Beijing during the previous days.

The Chinese military on August 2 said that the water force was on a high alarm and ready to launch a series of targeted military actions to respond to the visit.

Taiwan defense agency said more than 21 Chinese military aircraft flew into the island's air defense area on August 2, a wider area of Taiwan's territory and overlapping partly with the receiving area.

Xi once announced that he would respond to all challenges in Taiwan, but may be patient if Mrs. Pelosi visited the island.

The US military plans to strengthen the security force if Pelosi visits Taiwan, due to fierce concerns from China.