Chinese activists blocking trucks stuffing 68 dogs are said to serve the annual dog meat festival in Guangxi.

According to an international humanitarian organization (HSI), the car carrying 68 dogs blocked outside Ngoc Lam, Guangxi, China, last week.


Photo: Reuters

An activist for animal benefits in Guangxi said they initially hoped the government would confiscate the car when it entered Ngoc Lam, but in the end they decided to act their own.

Ngoc Lam government must be responsible for protecting public health.

A dog leader to the Ngoc Lam dog festival in June 2018.

After being rescued, 68 dogs were taken to a rescue station to rest and get medical attention before moving to the general roof supported by HSI.

HSI's policy expert in China Peter Li said 68 dogs were safe, but thousands of other dogs in Ngoc Lam and millions of children across China will not be so lucky.

The problem of stealing dogs, illegal transportation across the province and the indiscriminate slaughter not only causes pain to suffer from pain but also dangerous to public health with the ability to spread rabies and other diseases.

The truck rescue carrying dogs on the way to the slaughterhouse is a remarkable event annually in China, when domestic and international activists have efforts to oppose the freight dog meat festival

Dog meat festivals in China are constantly inspiring domestic and international pressure in recent years.