South Africa deployed about 25,000 troops to a series of riots that lasted all week after the former President Jacob Zuma received a prison sentence.

According to the South African government, up to July 15, the country has deployed 10,000 patrol troops in many areas to ensure security.


Photo: AP.

Buses, trucks, aircraft and helicopters are mobilized for a rare scale military deployment for nearly 30 years, since the end of the government due to the leadership of white skin.

Dozens of armored vehicles bring troops to Gauteng, South Africa's most populous province, to praise strength.

South African army patrol in the north of Johannesburg city on July 15.

Police in the remaining 7 provinces of South Africa are placed in alarm status even though the wave of unstable unstamples has spread.

Government representatives identified riots as economic destruction behavior.

Gauteng gradually stabilized by the military present, but the situation in Kwazulu-Natal was still complicated on July 15.

Riot in KwaZulu-Natal seems to be held very well and abundant financing.