The suspects murdered the President Moise mainly recruited to Haiti by the invitation to a high mission, a happy remuneration and anti-back.

Gentlemen, there is a US company who needs special troops, experienced missions to perform duties in Central America, phone messages sent to veterans Colombia with paragraphs.


Photo: AP.

Good remuneration, the high mission, the recruit emphasis in the message.

But instead, three of the recruited people were shot dead and 18 people were imprisoned because of suspects related to the conspiracy to assassinate President Haiti Jovenel Moise, who was killed in the night in the house

The suspects in the assassination of President Haiti Jovenel Moise were arrested on July 8.

For those who want to recruit mercenaries to carry out adventurous, secret tasks, Colombia is a popular choice.

The recruitment of Colombian soldiers to other places in the world as a mercenary is a long-term problem, because there are no laws forbidden to do so, according to the Commander of the Colombian Armed Forces, General Luis Fernando Navarro.

Most suspects in the initial assassination of President Haiti Moise are approached by a group of entrepreneurs mysteriously, some people from the United States.

The New York Times newspaper had the opportunity to watch recruiting messages and interview more than 10 people also approached in the same way to participate in mission in Haiti but finally decided not to leave.

In interviews, Colombian veterans said the recruitment party told them, both directly mixed through the WhatsApp application, that they would fight gangs, helping to improve security and protection

The people who recruit people also claim an important security company with the relationship with the US government funds to prevent their backs.

But CTU, the company recruited Colombian veterans and had the logo of the same name printed on the T-shirt of these people, in fact only a small warehouse in Miami, by Antonio Intriago, Venezuela's original American citizen

Colombian officials said their investigation was focusing on Germán Alejandro Rivera García, a retired army, with a second higher level in the suspects, because he acted as he acted as a focal point

Colombian Communications involved the intelligence officials of the country said Rivera was one of the seven veterans who rushed into Nha President Moise on the night of the assassination.

The recruitment of Colombian mercenaries for the task seemed to start with Duberney Capador, a veteran who spent many years of fighting rebels in Colombia on many harsh fronts.

Text messages sent to gentlemen from a number of phones that belong to Dubernney.

The US government will pay and this job will open many other job opportunities across Central America, Duberney promises with Colombian veterans.

All we know is that we will provide security services in a privileged area under Capador's command, a person who is recruited to anonymously for safety reasons.