The 4-storey house in the alley in Silwan District, East Jerusalem became a symbol of a persistent holy dispute between Palestinians and Israel.

Nasser Rajabi and his Palestinian family lived in the basement, the third floor and a part of the second floor of the house, while the Boaz Tanami house, a Israeli person, living on the first floor and the rest of the second floor.


Photo: NY Times.

Israel won the control of East Jerusalem after the 6-day war in 1967, but most of the world still considered this a occupied territory, and also a continuous conflict hotspot between Israeli and Palestinians.

The 17th year of the Palestinian and Israeli families in a 4-storey house are not easy.

Tanami also installed the star shape David symbol of the Jews outside the balcony, just above the courtyard of Rajabi's house.

How should I talk to him?

Nasser Rajabi and his mother in front of the house live together with a Jewish family in Silwan District, East Jerusalem.

The process causes two families to live quite complex.

This family later sold to the third owner of Palestinians.

In March 2004, a few days before Rajabi plans to bring some family members to live together, the Israeli settlement has occupied the apartment, blocking Rajabi and takes Tanami into the house.

In another ruling, the Court announced a Jewish trust also had the right to own the entire house, because the land plot in the house was built on this fund before the Israeli State was founded in 1948.

According to this ruling, not only the house of the Rajabi family, but the entire Silwan district, where the house is located, belongs to the trust fund.

Israeli courts have approved the expulsion of 6 households, but these cases are appealing.

God promised to ban this land for us.

In the late 1930s, this land was abandoned.

The current Israeli - Palestinian territory (left) and proposed by the United Nations.

Settlement groups, often backed by Israeli law, are trying to expel Palestinians in strategic areas across East Jerusalem.

Israeli law allows the Jews to reclaim the land in East Jerusalem once belonged to them before 1948, but not hundreds of thousands of Palestinians had to evacuate the same year to reclaim what they belonged to him.

Aryeh King, Deputy Mayor Jerusalem, said the enhancement of the presence of Jews in East Jerusalem can help them avoid any division with the city, as well as the prospect of a part of Jerusalem

Silwan County is part of the plan, located in the southeast of the ancient city, stretching the sides of a sloping valley.

From the house window can see the stone dome, the temple was built where Muslims believe that the Prophet Muhammad has been heaven.

This is a modal window.

Beginning of Dialog Window.

End of Dialog Window.

Their appearance turns a narrow alley that is less known to become the focus of conflict.

However, the Palestinians in the alley said they were frequently detained, raided the house, hitting the spicy and shocked grenades of the police.

A few years ago, Rajabi had decided to move to living elsewhere in East Jerusalem.

This is the ethnic purification process.

Fleur Hassan-Nahoum, Deputy Mayor Jerusalem, admitted that residents in East Jerusalem for many years do not grant a new building license, adding that the government has started simplifying procedures.

This is a Jewish state, to protect the Jews around the world when they need it.