He attacked the German ships without knowing more than 2,000 Soviet prisoners on it, causing marine disasters off Norway.

On the morning of November 27, 1944, his scouting aircraft from his HMS Implacable carrier discovered a German transport train between Tjotta and Rosoya islands in the northern Norwegian waters, including Rigel cargo ships.


Photo: Wikipedia

Rigel is Norwegian-owned cargo ship before World War II.

Rigel ships after being honored by the Germans.

However, during the offshore trip on November 27, Rigel carried goods very special, including 95 political prisoners, more than 2,200 prisoners of war, mainly Soviet Red Army soldiers, the rest were soldiers

The pilots he received the Rigel ship attack completely did not know this.

German Transport Train is only for sketchy protection, unable to deal with British fighters.

Some prisoners raised the deck to scramble the number of little saves.


Photo: Wikipedia

The Rigel caught fire when he was attacked by his plane.

Those trapped on the ship were submerged, while many people escaped drowned.

Schultz tried to row the rescue raft to the deserted island Rosoya a few hundred meters away.

His disaster-free stuff made nearly 2,500 people on Rigel, killed, mostly Soviet prisoners.

The body of many victims then drifted into the coast or a net of local fishermen.