The main Covid-19 treatment area of Niger was vacant for several months, while the establishment isolated dust because there is no infection.

The mask almost had never appeared on the street and many days passed by Niger did not record Covid-19 positive.


Photo: WSJ.

The West African Country is large, one of the highest birth and poverty rates in the world, each of the World Health Organization (WHO) is most vulnerable to Covid-19.

Meanwhile, even if faced with many security and economic challenges, Niger is one of the few countries in the southern edge of the Sahara desert so far almost forgotten by Covid-19.

The prevention of people is absent from the Covid-19 treatment area in General Reference Hospital, Niamey.

Many doctors worried that Delta transactions are easily spread and the decision to open the land border in recent weeks can push Niger into the carpet, when most of the country's population has not been vaccinated.

In Le Pilier, the restaurant is famous for the wealthy Niger and international visitors, the Italian boss Vittorio Gioni said they are often closed at weekends and revenue every day still like two years ago.

Here, we still live like 2019, Oil Minister Sani Issoufou said.

By mid-June, Niger, the country has a double area of Texas and has more than 25 million people, recorded 194 deaths and about 5,500 Coven-19 since the outbreak in March 3/2020.

We once thought it would be overloaded because of CA COVID-19 but that had never happened, Adamou Foumakoye Gado, anesthesia doctor and the head of a special care unit for Covid-19 patients at the hospital

Since April, Gado's treatment facility does not record special care patients.

At the end of May, Niger had a surprising decision when I wanted to borrow 100,000 doses of Astrazeneca vaccine.

The main test center of the Niamey capital usually passes a few days without recording positive cases.

Since Covid-19 was first appeared in Africa in early 2020, the lowest infection rate was recorded in the Sahel belt area, the area was located between Sahara desert and the grassland in Sudan, including Niger


Photo: WSJ.

The climate here makes the virus difficult to survive in the human body.

The US Department of Health showed that the temperature and humidity in Niamey reduced the twice the infection speed of NCOV.

In addition to the weather, Niger has the youngest population in the world when half of 25 million people are under 15 years old.

Expert added that Niger's policy also contributed a part.

Covid-19 came but never broke out, President Mohamed Bazoum said as he was an interior minister.

A market in Niamey, Niger.

Niger largely escaped Covid-19, but the economy was devastated because of the pandemic.

Taxi Driver Moussa Soumoula is not worried about vaccination, instead focusing on income every day.

Among the 300 people in my neighborhood live, there is only a positive person, he said, adding that the first goal was the first $ 200 tuition debt, when the government applied restrictions on the number of passengers each

Blockade orders also greatly affect celebrities.

Covid-19 has never been really to Niger, but we still have to live in a miserable scene, he said.