Natty Jumrernvong has a vaccine and protective suit to protect themselves before NCOV, but cannot avoid Asian discrimination.

Patients called her with racism.


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When she walked to the hospital on February 15, a man approached, called Jumrernvong as "Chinese virus" and shocked her phone and pulled her on the sidewalk.

Thai Natty Jumrernvong student in New York on April 29th.

Asian Health Officers and Pacific Island "like fighting many battles at the same time in the US, not only Covid-19 but also racism", Jumrernvong, students at Icahn Medical School

"People in my community have been turned from the medical hero into 'a god goat'," said Korean doctor Michelle Lee in New York.

"We don't bring the virus here," Lee said.

The Asians and Pacific Islands account for about 6-8% of the US population, but they have a higher level of work in the health sector, including about 20% of doctors and non-surgical pharmacists, 12-15

Before the pandemic, studies showed that 31-50% of Asian doctors were discriminated in work, as patients refused for them to take care of or having difficulties in finding mentors.

Columbia Hueyjong University Medical Students "Huey" Shih remembers she faced "a lot of speculation led to a very inappropriate question" from a colleague in the hospital: Is Shih a one because

Shih was born in Maryland, her parents immigrated from Taiwan.

In many generations, Asian Americans face being considered "permanent foreigners" in the country once considered them as threats.

In the peak pandemic Covid-19 in the United States, former President Donald Trump has repeatedly called NCOV as "Chinese virus" and many other names that make Asian Americans angry.


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The police showed that the number of ethnic minor crimes in 26 cities and large cities of the United States rose 146% last year, while hatred crimes in general increased by 2%, according to the Research Center of Enemyism

But these statistics do not clearly reflect the racism that the health workers suffer.

The early period of the epidemic, she faced the risk of NCOV infection when placing intestines for patients.

"Although I have risen from poverty to pursue the American dream, although I can and have saved a lot of people in stressful conditions, those things don't protect my sanition

Michelle Lee (left) and Ida Chen held the banner "respect the Asian Community" in the Chinatown in New York in April. Photo: AP.

Ida Chen, the flower medicine student in New York, where to bring a spicy spray, install the mobile phone so that all friends know her position and don't go away alone.

She began to take the precautions after a cycling man approached her on Manhattan street in March 2020 and mocked that "I can date me, but I don't

"I chose to study medicine with thoughts: I treat everyone with the best heart," Chen said.

Chen and some others said that the shooting in Georgia motivated them to speak about racism with the Asians who were under long time.

Jumrernvong, who belongs to the LGBT community, said she was discriminated against because the problem was not related to Covid-19.

"Sometimes I think pessorious whether people want me here or not," she said.