Vaccine Covid-19 Biontech manufacturers will head southeast Asia and production locations in Singapore to produce hundreds of millions of vaccines every year.

Ugur Sahin, co-founder and CEO of Biionch Biological Biotechnology Company, today said it would begin building a place this year and could go into operation from 2023.


Photo: AFP

"With the Vaccine Production Facility MRNA has been planned, we will enhance the overall network capacity and expand the ability to produce, provide vaccines as well as our mRNA therapy for everyone throughout

Pfizer / biontech vaccinen vials at a Covid-19 vaccination center in Paris, France on May 8.

Vaccine Covid-19 coordinated by BionTech with the US Multinational Pharmaceutical Group Tested, manufactured and distributed has become the first vaccine approved in the West late last year.

The production site in Singapore will be the first mRNA production facility of Biontech outside Europe and the estimated capacity of several hundred million vaccines each year.

In the efforts to improve the capacity of global Covid-19 vaccine production, Biontech and Pfizer have established licensing and production partnerships with other pharmaceutical companies.

MRNA genetic technology coaching body reproduces mutant proteins, similar to the type found on NCOV.