Although grieving about the departure of his attached and elizabeth elizabeth, Queen was considered very likely to abdicate.

Royal Philip died on 9/4 at age 99. He married Elizabeth in 1947 and was on the queen's side for 69 years of reigning.


Photo: AFP

Mr. Philip's departure will leave a big gap for the 94-year-old queen.

Queen Elizabeth and Royal Philip in Hampshire in 2007. Photo: AFP.

"I can assure you that the queen will not abdicate," Hugo Vickers Royal historian.

Even when Philip is hospitalized for 4 weeks earlier this year, Ms. Elizabeth continues to perform official tasks, although mainly in remote forms because of anti-epidemic restrictions.

The royal observers said that part of the reason Queen Elizabeth did not abdicate was the promise when she came across.

But after the throne, Uncle Ba, King Edward VIII, was abdicated by the love to the American woman with a lifetime of Wallis Simpson, whom the conservative and Church of the British Church would not be able to become queen.

In the message sent to people when connected to the throne, she said: "I declared before all of you that my whole life, though long or short, will be able to serve you and serve the great royal family."

She repeated that commitment on the 60th anniversary of the ruling.

That means she will not follow the legs of other European countries like the Spanish King Juan Carlos, who abdicates in 2014, King Belgium Albert, who gave up the throne in 2013 and the Beatrix Netherlands Queen

As the head of the British Church, Mrs. Elizabeth considered the swath that she gave on the coronation day was unbreakable, according to the royal commentators.

Over the past decade, she almost stops international tourism and reduces consistent consistent people, moving back to her role at dozens of charities, academies and sports agencies for other members in the royal family.

Royal Robert Lacey historian mentioned that the British government announced a plan to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the queen in the summer of next year.