Canada husband giant pleaded guilty after taking private planes to Yukon and pretending to be a local motel staff to win Vaccine Covid-19.

Former CEO of a casino in Vancouver, Canada, Rodney Baker, and his wife actress Ekaterina on June 16 pleaded guilty did not comply with the movement declaration form and not self-isolation when using separate planes to the lead


Photo: NY Post.

The rich couple was sentenced to 2,300 USD and avoided a prison sentence for fraud behavior to win Vaccine Covid-19 with remote residents in Yukon territory.

Fortunately because nothing happens in the case of these two people.

Rodney Baker's spouse (left) and Ekaterina.

The two spouses were lied to the immunization staff in Beaver Creek, Yukon Region, that they were a new staff of a local motel.

After being discovered by fraud, Baker resigned Chairman and CEO of Great Canadian Gaming Corporation, the company owned more than 20 casinos.

We have never thought someone will take advantage of our sparse, outback.

Lawyer Jennifer Cunningham said the couple sincerely apologized to his actions.