The Iurato officer exploded a shot down Nicholas Brutcher, after the 35 -year -old suspect pleased more than 80 shots, killing two police officers.

Connecticut state officials on October 16 published a video extracted from the camera mounted on ALEC Iurato officer, recorded the 4 -day gun battlefield outside a house in Bristol city, where the suspect Nicholas Brutcher,


Photo: AP

There are shootings, adding cars to, sending people to come here, Iurato, 26, said in pain after winning Brutcher's bullets.

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The local prosecutor's office said that before the shooting on October 12, Iurato and two teammates Dustin Demonte and Alex Hamzy came to Brutcher's house to find out, after receiving the notice via a hotline for a violent case.

The officers talked to Nathan Brutcher, the younger brother of Nicholas Brutcher, and asked this person to step out of the house.

Investigators said that Nicholas Brutcher tried to lure three officers into his ambush trap to shoot, but it was unclear the suspect's motive.

After winning the bullet, Iurato crawled to the patrol car, before Nicholas Brutcher shot at least 20 more bullets towards him.

Forensic expert at the scene of the shooting in Bristol City, Connecticut, USA on October 13.

Officials announced that Nicholas Brutcher died from a hit bullet.

Investigators have not revealed situations leading to an urgent call on October 12 and the reason Nicholas Brutcher shot police officers.

Ohio state police chased and shot down the gunmen trying to invade the FBI office in Cincinnati city after hours of failure.

All the police officers of Kenly Town Police and some government employees resigned, seemingly discontented with the new local manager.