Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier, the most expensive US Navy, was first on duty, 5 years after being payroll.

The aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford left the Norfolk Port in Virginia of the US on October 4 to start the mission on the Atlantic, two days later than expected due to bad weather after Ian storm


Photo: US Navy

During the deployment of the aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford will carry air on the 8th ship and escorted by cruisers and destroyers.

USS Gerald R. Ford left the Norfolk port on October 4.

The deployment is an opportunity to show off the advantages that Ford and aircraft aircraft carriers can bring to the Navy Air Force as well as US allies and partners, Brigadier Admiral Gregory Huffman,

The US Navy previously said the aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford expected to cross the Atlantic and participated in many drills with US and allied forces.

Admiral John Meier, commander of the American Atlantic Navy Air Force, in April, said that the first mission of USS Gerald R. Ford was relatively unusual.

Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier was started in 2009, defeated 4 years later and handed over to the US Navy in May 2017.

This aircraft carrier is equipped with many new technologies, but they also have many problems related to reliability.

The US Navy announced that the crew achieved a certificate of readiness to be on duty in November 2021, the ship achieved its preliminary operation after a month.

The USS Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier is testing to prepare for the first task in the second half of the year, 4 years later than the plan.

The US Navy decided to deploy the Gerald Ford aircraft carrier in 2022, after more than 4 years of progress and the $ 2.4 billion team.