The new Philippine President Marcos wants to resolve the South China Sea dispute with China, strengthen cultural relations, education, even military.

Relations between the two countries not only have one aspect.


Photo: AFP

The comment of the Philippine President was given before the visit of Chinese Foreign Minister Vuong Nghi on July 5-6.

According to the President of the Philippines, bilateral relations between Manila and Beijing are not limited to the South China Sea dispute.

Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

Marcos is said to be trying to promote economic cooperation with China, while maintaining defense relations with US allies.

China and the Philippines' relations were tense for sovereignty disputes in the South China Sea, especially Scarborough Shoal.

During the campaign, Marcos announced that he would negotiate an agreement with Beijing to resolve disputes in the South China Sea.

However, the Philippine government last month announced the stopping of negotiations with China on the general energy exploration agreement, signed by the two sides in 2018, due to the conclusions in the Constitution and the issue of sovereignty.

Mr. Marcos also announced that he would apply the 2016 ruling of the Permanent Arbitration Court on the East Sea issue.

Chinese Vice President Vuong Ky Son urged Beijing - Manila to resolve the East Sea dispute more reasonable when meeting the new President of the Philippines.

The Philippines accused the Chinese Hai Canh ships clinging to the tail, a warning to the ship forces for the illegal station in the clouds of the Spratly Islands.