A study by the American expert team showed that about 3.4 million to 4.7 million Indians died for Covid-19, Song New Delhi fiercely rejected.

The above data is based in Washington's global development center, which is announced on July 20, 8 to 11 times the official figure.


Photo: AP

This means India as the country recorded the world's highest death.

The cremation area of the victim of Covid-19 in Mumbai, India in April. Photo: AP.

This is the latest research that doubts about officially announced death in India.

The Indian Government on July 22 was fiercely rejected this study, calling this a daring assumption when it argued that the ability to mortality of cases in nations was the same.

The study ignored elements such as race, ethnicity, structure of genome of a population, the previous exposure level with other diseases and relevant immunity was developed in that population, pine

India insists that the country has a thorough traceability strategy, laboratories available and no matter whether some cases may not be detected, but missing the case of death is unlikely.

The states noted that mutant deaths in the outbreaks in April and May were advised to conduct a thorough inventory of cases that may have been missed, and some states have updated data nears nears

Maharashtra, the state is most affected, updating the number of people died about 15,000, while Bihar adds about 4,000 people and Madhya Pradesh has 1,500 people.