Queen Elizabeth carrier and battleships escorted two-day rehearsal with 6 naval vessels and Indian aircraft on the Bay of Bengal.

HMS Queen Elizabeth Carrier Battle Group participated in Konkan rehearsal with Indian Navy on 21-22 / 7 on Bengal Bay.


Photo: Royal Navy

Indian battleships participated in rehearsals including the Ranvir Ranvir destroyer, Thu S satpura guards, small fleet protection ins Kavaratti, Ins KuLish and a submarine.

HMS Queen Elizabeth carrier joined the Indian battleship on Bengal Bay on July 21.

British Defense Minister Ben Wallace on July 19, said that after rehearsing with the Indian Navy, the Queen Elizabeth war team will join multinational rehearsals and Australian, French, American, Japanese allies, New

The rehearsal content is designed to build interoperability among international partners in this important region, the Ministry of Defense Britain said in the statement.

The Queen Elizabeth combat team will rehearsed with a US aircraft carrier combat team, possibly USS Carl Vinson.

The expected force and journey of the British carrier group.

The Queen Elizabeth Carrier Battle Group left Portsmouth to depart to Asia on May 22, performing the first site around the world.