The experts warning that the research ship plays a big role in helping China to expand control in the South China Sea.

China's latest and largest research ship named Ton Trung Son University plans to make the first trip to the East Sea in October, Chinese state communications reported earlier this month.


Photo: CGTN

Yu Weidong, professor of the University of Atmospheric Science University of Ton Trung Son, said the ship will go to the Paracel Islands of Vietnam in October to study the moisture in the western boundary of the South China Sea and regions.

The South China Sea is a major humidity area for rain in southern China, super storms coming from the East Sea every year seriously destroying the ecosystem in this country.

Ton Trung Son University train ran out of Shanghai in June. Photo: CGTN.

The ship is played at Shanghai Jiangnan Shipyard, where China's second and third carrier fabrication.

Chinese Communication calls Ton Trung Son University research vessel as a large-sized mobile laboratory on the sea.

Experts can collect samples on the sea and analyze on board before transferring land data.

Since the President of the Wijack is ongoing in 2012, Beijing has invested heavily in the sea study with the resort of the country.

Talking to VnExpress, Vice Admiral Yoji Koda, former commanding the defense fleet under the Japanese defense force, said it could not be trusted in China's claims.

The Chinese government and military can integrate all activities implemented by the organizations of the country.


Photo: CSIS

In early July 2019, Hai Duong geographic ship with China's escort ships violated the Economic Procurics (EEZ) and the Vietnam Continental Shelf in the south of the South China Sea.

April 4/2020, Marine Traffic, the website to monitor the ship's ships in the world, said Beijing again the Geological Hai Duong survey ships entered Vietnam's EEZ.

In general, Chinese research vessels play a big role in China's control of control in the South China Sea, by abruptly operating in the waters of neighboring countries, Greg Poling, Director of Minh Minh

However, the evaluation of the ability of Ton Trung Son University's ship creates a new stress in the area, Poling said: I don't think a single ship will make a big difference.

East Sea area.

After China media reported on the implementation of the deployment of Ton Trung Son University research ship to Hoang Sa, the Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman affirmed that this is the acts of infringing up the Vietnamese sovereignty.

Commenting on how Vietnam can react when China implemented the ship model, Carl Thayer, an honorary professor at Australia's New South Wales University, said that Vietnam's opposition voice is necessary.

If Vietnam was silent, China was later argued that Vietnam accepted their claims in the South China Sea, including sovereignty with Hoang Sa, he said.