Serbian Defense Minister said the AN-12 transport aircraft fell in Greece when carrying 11.5 tons of weapons, the entire 8-person crew was killed.

Defense Minister Serbia Nebojsa Stefanovic today confirmed that the An-12 transport plane was in distress in the city of Kavala, northern Greece while carrying weapons from Serbia to Bangladesh.


Photo: Reuters

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry announced that all eight crew members were citizens of this country.

The plane's body burned down after crashing to the ground in the north of Greece on the morning of July 17.

According to Stefanovic, the plane had a problem when carrying 11.5 tons of defense goods ordered by the Bangladesh Defense Ministry.

Minister Stefanovic said the plane was operated by Serbia's Valir Company.

According to ERT Television, the aircraft lost the signal shortly after the pilot contacted the air traffic control station to apply for an emergency landing near Kavala because of the engine malfunction.

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The moment the An-12 exploded when it fell to the ground near Kavala, north of Greece on the night of July 16.


Photo: BBC

The scene where the plane crashed and the adjacent area was blocked from the night of July 16.

A local firefighter official on the morning of July 17 said that his colleagues at the scene felt burning his lips.

Marios Aposstolidis fire coordinator is concerned that units to the first scene were affected by the health of toxic chemicals from the explosion.

The location of Kavala city in northern Greece.

Explosive experts from the army and experts from the Greek Nuclear Energy Commission have not been able to access the scene.

Apostolidis said that the fire -carrying fire device was approaching the location where the plane crashed and considered close -up of the fuselage's body.

Ukraine's An-12 cargo plane offered an emergency landing because of the air in the air, then fell and exploded near Kavala.

The US Navy suspended the mission of not essential flying to check forces after three plane crashes killing 6 soldiers in a week.