Trump considers the backing of the mid-term election round candidate 2022 as a tool to reward loyal and retaliators.

At the beginning of the month, 90 seconds after the former President Donald Trump caused the main influence of Northern Carolina by suddenly announcing Lower Senator Ted Budd in the race against the US Senate, the advisers of Budd standing under the stage


Photo: Reuters

Everyone rushed to learn about Ted on Google, Adviser Jonathan Felts of Budd said.

Former President Donald Trump in Ohio on June 26.

However, Trump's political advisers are less excited.

Strategists said the loved ones with the former president are arguing whether he should embark on the Mid-term National Assembly election in 2022 or not, when he is positioning himself a potential presidential candidate

Strategists argue that his support is the most attractive ticket with many republican candidates within the preliminary elections in many states, and is a problem with their opponents.

The choice reflects Trump's trends to consider the backing as a reward for friends and supporters of cheating in presidential elections in 2020, while retaliating republican victims voted

Gonzalez used to ask for a force for a force more than once and then he liked me, Trump said.

Republican candidates across the country are actively approaching to look forward to trump backing in the races into the National Assembly and State Governor Chair.

The first thing everyone wants in the preliminary election is backed by Trump, the Republican consultant said.

An advisor said that since leaving the mission, Trump has implemented 40-50 meetings with candidates.

Trump's team checks previous comments by candidates with Trump and what they have said on social networks.

Three advisers said Trump mainly made a decision based on the loyalty level of candidates for him, considering what they talked about him in the past, whether the candidate raced against the person he

At the end of this summer, in New Jersey, Trump plans to meet three candidates for replacing Liz Cheney Senator, who wants to eliminate the most, because of her harsh criticisms aimed at him and Jobs Cheney

A separate group consisting of conservative activists and public republican donors in Wyoming began screening Cheney challengers, reviewing their records and history.

However, some people around him and senior officials in the party wanting Trump only to support less people, fearing that the candidate he can fail when confronting the Democratic Party candidate, causing the People's Committee

If the people who are backing are lost, he will be badly recognized, a trump advisor to warn.

Advisors are encouraging him to support public republican candidates in governor races and deputy governors to higher victory rates.

In particular, the two supporters of his writing, Lower Senator David G. Vaadao and Lower Senator John Katko are representing inherent areas that have a leaning history of the Democratic Party.

In North Carolina, it may take several months to know the real effect on Trump's backing.

Trump's backing is like a steroid injection, Felts said.