810,000 high quality masks are aid Vietnam to East Timor have been transferred to Dili capital by sea with Australian support.

Lot of docking in Dong Timor on 6/5.

East Timor Odete Belo (left) medical minister received a lot of masks in Dili on May 6.

The number of aid rows was transferred to East Timor in this country's context facing the increasing number of Covid-19 cases.

"Essential services are interrupted by floods and thousands of people who have to evacuate at the death centers. The country is facing a series of challenges in blocking NCOV spread.

"Through cooperation to provide this necessary medical supplies, Australia and Vietnam are supporting East Timor in the fight against Covid-19. This is an example of increasingly practical cooperation between the two countries

East Timor currently recorded 2,870 cases of NCOV, of which 4 people died.