Patrick Thompson, 54, suddenly appeared from behind, withdrawing the knife stabbing continuously into two Asian women waiting for the bus in California.

KGO-TV on May 6 announced the video showed that two Asian women, 65 and 85 years old, was suspected Patrick Thompson stabbed in a consecutive knife in a bus station of San Francisco, California, on 4 /


Photo: Twitter/Dion Lim.

In the video, Thompson wears a mask and a baseball hat, suddenly appearing from behind, using a knife to attack two elderly Asian women.

A kind of kindness at the scene then hurriedly pulled Asian woman from Thompson's reach, but she fell on the road.

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"The attacker slowly went to the victim, withdrawing the knife stabbing them and removed as if nothing happened," Jenny Shao witnessed.

Two Asian women are currently treated at a local hospital.

The police then caught Thompson and accused this man to kill people.

Drew, Ms. Fong's nephew, asked Kgo-TV monk to announce her video attack and X-rays.

X-rays of Mrs. Chui Fong after the knife stabbing.

The editor of KGO-TV Dion Lim also said the monk discussed and argued a lot about the publication of the video stabbing.

Asian Americans have become the target of many unjustly attacks across the United States recently.