At least 5 Philippine rescue workers were killed in Noru storm, while officials tried to bring relief goods to thousands of evacuated people.

These people died after being mobilized by the local authorities to support people in the flooded areas, Lieutenant Colonel Romualdo Andres, San Miguel Urban Police, Bulacan Province, near the Philippines Manila,


Photo: Reuters

Bulacan Governor Daniel Fernando confirmed the information, identity and situation that led to the deaths of these 5 rescue staff not yet published.

These are the first deaths recorded since Hurricane Noru landed in the Philippines on the night of September 25.

People move in flooded areas caused by Noru in San Miguel, Bulacan Province, Philippines, on September 26.

Luzon island officials, where half of the population and two -thirds of the Philippines economy, are starting the campaign to overcome the consequences after floodwaters withdraw.

The governor of Quezon Helen said many houses were destroyed, but the roads were still smooth and no landslides, adding that officials were starting to clean the pouring trees and debris in the region.

Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos ordered the deployment of relief delivery aircraft and equipment to overcome the consequences of floods to the most affected areas.

Pagasa said that by dawn this morning, storm Noru lowered when entering the South China Sea, with the wind maintained 140 km/h, jerking 170 km/h.

The Vietnam National Hydrometeorological Forecast Center said that at 4am this morning, the storm is located on the western waters of Luzon Island, Philippines, about 810 km from the Paracel Islands of Vietnam, the strongest wind

Forecast of storm's direction in the coming days.

The storm mainly moved in the Northwest at a speed of 20-25 km/h, until 4h on 27/9 250 km from the Paracel Islands, maintained level 13, and three levels increased.

In the next 48-72 hours, the storm remains the same direction and speed, goes into the central provinces and weakens into tropical depressions.

Super typhoon Noru began to sweep through the eastern islands on the Philippines on the way towards the country's main island.