2,296 elected delegates to attend the 20th National Party Congress of the Chinese Communist Party took place in October.

People's Daily, the mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), on September 25, posted a celebration of the elected delegates to join the CCP's 20th National Congress from the 16th.


Photo: AP

China Central Television (CCTV) also announced that party organizations nationwide have summoned the congresses to elect 2,296 people attending the 20th Party Congress.

Xi Jinping at the 19th Chinese Communist Party Congress in Beijing in 2017. Photo: AP.

These delegates represent more than 96 million party members and more than 4.9 million grassroots organizations of CCP attending an important political conference held every 5 years, where Mr. Xi Jinping is expected to continue resignation.

The 20th National Congress of CCPs took place in Beijing in the context of China facing many challenges, such as domestic economic recession and tense relations with the United States.

Delegates will participate in the meeting to elected Member of the Party Central Committee of 200 members.

China declared more fierce sanctions for the forces of independent Taiwan, but still prioritized the unity of the island in peace.

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