The Democratic presidential candidate stated he was eager to argue with Trump and declared "know how to handle bullies".

Speaking during the campaign fundraiser on September 10, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said he was eager to argue with President Donald Trump, who repeatedly made criticism aimed at his strength.


Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden speaks at a campaign event in Wilmington, Delaware, July 14 Photo: Reuters.

"I look forward to standing on the stage arguing with Trump and asking him to take responsibility for his actions and words. I think I know how to deal with bullies, we will know."

In less than two months, the US presidential election will take place and the first awaited debate between the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates will take place on September 29 at Case University.

Biden said his debate strategy focused on clarifying the agenda with voters, as well as pointing out promises that Trump has made but failed to fulfill.

"Deputy General" of Biden, Senator Kamala Harris, said on 8/9 also said it was preparing for a debate with Vice President Mike Pence in the race to the White House next term.

President Trump and the campaign team have made a statement but there is no evidence of the mental health of Biden, who has overcome stuttering as a child.

In an interview scheduled to air on September 12 by Fox News, Trump continued to imply that presidential candidate Biden used drugs to improve the performance of the Democratic debate.