After the first month of the term "winding sailing", Biden was thought to face a series of policy challenges that make him headaches in the near future.

After a month in the White House, US President Joe Biden is on track to complete an even larger economic bailout than the 2009 stimulus package under the Barack Obama administration, when the global financial crisis erupted.


US President Biden Damage with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in Oval Room on January 23 Photo: White House.

This is an easy part of the US President's work.

"They will face some issues soon," said Jim Manley, who served as the top aide to former Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid.

Biden made important changes in a series of executive orders.

After that, the Biden administration will be faced with the policy debates that have shaped American politics for a long time, including questions about who can become American citizens, whether the government can

In addition, many other complex issues, from trade tariffs to China policy and technology oversight, are still under consideration by the White House.

Democrats are working hard to pass a $ 1.9 trillion economic stimulus package with or without Republican support ahead of a critical deadline in mid-March, as unemployment insurance expands.

The bill only needs to receive a majority of the votes, but it requires every Democrat on the White House side.

These cracks were revealed when some Democrats, such as New York Senator Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren criticized President Biden when he claimed disagrees with the members

An immigration bill announced by the White House on Feb. 18 is not expected to be passed by the Senate.

White House aides say the policy agenda they plan to push in the coming months will be well-received by bipartisan voters and they believe Republicans in parliament may be forced to support it because

"Is the president focused on getting all Republicans? Absolutely not," said White House Communications Manager Kate Bedingfield.

However, the initial exploration numbers about Biden showed that the path to persuade his Republican party will face many challenges.

"President Biden is experiencing the 'honeymoon period' but everyone knows which honeymates will end", the Republicanist Strategist Paul Shumaker commented.