Israel may be enlisting time to increase the campaign against Iran's strategic facilities before Trump finishes his first term.

Iran recently suffered from mysterious explosions at strategic facilities, such as a missile production facility on June 22, the Natanz nuclear facility on July 2 and an important shipyard in the city.


A satellite image of a centrifugal workshop at Iran's Natanz nuclear facility before (on the left) and after the July 2 explosion. Photo: CNET, Airbus

Iranian officials said most of the fires and incidents were "normal accidents", but did not rule out the possibility of foreign operations, including Israel being suspected of being the "culprit."

A US official in charge of the Middle East said Israeli intelligence was responsible for the explosion at Iran's Natanz nuclear facility.

A former Israeli defense official said some incidents in Iran over the past month were related to the operation of the country's intelligence services.

"I don't know exactly which cases and I will not disclose them because the main purpose is to make Iranians feel nervous trying to determine which ones are caused by us," the former official said.

He said that the current Israeli policy is to support the "presidential maximum" strategy with Iran of US President Donald Trump's administration.

An intelligence agency of the European Union (EU) said the attacks appeared to be part of Israel's "maximum pressure, minimum strategy" campaign targeting Iran, to enlist support.

"This is a rush to deploy a series of raid operations with virtually no strategy. I think Israel's plan to provoke Iran to launch a counterattack could escalate into military conflict.

Israel's tactical changes to the "high pressure increase" operation on Iran seem to suggest that Tel Aviv believed that if Joe Biden was elected president, the United States would seek to save the nuclear deal signed with Iran in 2015.

"Biden's government will be less interested in the secretive and secret missions to blow up Iran's nuclear facility," the EU intelligence official said.