Vice President Mike Pence warned Joe Biden of China's ambitions, urging them to maintain the Trump administration's tough stance.

"After generations of America and its allies defending freedom of navigation and the interests of free-loving nations across Asia and the Pacific, today China is determined to extend its influence across the region.


Vice President Mike Pence at Lemoore Naval Air Base January 16 Photo: Reuters

"I urge the upcoming administration to go in the right direction, to do what we have done, to fight China's aggression and abuse of trade, to take a strong stance for a free Indo-Pacific, and

Trump has pursued tough policies with China on issues ranging from trade to espionage and Covid-19, sending bilateral relations to their worst level in decades.

On January 15, President Trump instructed ministries to consider how to reduce purchases of goods and services from China to reduce the risk of espionage.

In July 2020, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo issued a statement blatantly rejecting China's claims in the South China Sea.