Amid the Republicans losing control of the Senate, Mitch McConnell was both fighting for the party and under pressure to handle the Trump impeachment case.

Referring to Mitch McConnell, who has led Senate Republicans for more than 10 years, Democrats often recall his statement making Barack Obama "one-term president", as a testament to his attempt to confront.


Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell speaks to reporters at the US congressional building in Washington on January 26 Photo: Reuters

However, the "strategic brain" of the Republican party now faces a particularly difficult situation he has never encountered in his political career.

The US Senate now divides 50-50 seats between the two parties, but the Democrats dominate by the vote of Vice President Kamala Harris, who holds the presidency of the Senate.

Losing the power of the majority, McConnell is working to protect the "filibuster" law, one of the most valuable tools for minorities in the Senate.

While the number of seats between the two parties in the Senate is almost unchanged, the 60-vote threshold seems too large for the bill to be passed quickly.

Besides, McConnell seems to "headache" because of the "rebellious" politicians in the Republican party, such as Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley.

The fact that Trump remains influential in the Republican party is believed to have puzzled McConnell about how to handle his impeachment trial in the Senate, scheduled to kick off on Feb. 9, after the House of Representatives filed the allegation clause.

McConnell and other Republican leaders are said to be furious at the attempt to challenge the election results and unprecedented riots.

"The riot crowd has absorbed the lies. They have been incited by Trump and other powerful people," McConnell said recently.

However, it is unclear whether Democrats will rally at least 17 Republican senators to get two-thirds of the Senate votes to condemn Trump.

Some are said to be campaigning McConnell to be tough on Trump despite the series of challenges.

"The filibuster legislative mechanism is an important part of the Senate. Leaders, like President Biden himself, have long defended it," McConnell told the Senate on January 21.

Despite becoming a minority leader in the Senate, McConnell has a relatively close relationship with Biden.

Furthermore, Scott Reed, a former senior strategist with the US Chamber of Commerce, thinks that McConnell is probably focusing more on the next two rounds of congressional elections instead of the immediate problems.

"He counts the long haul, not just the next few months," Reed said.