The USS Langley is the first US Navy aircraft carrier, helping the force draw lessons in its global operations and deployment.

The United States is currently the country with the strongest navy in the world, with a core of 11 nuclear power carriers, each with a displacement of about 100,000 tons.


USS Langley moved at sea in 1927 Photo: US Navy

Historically, the US Navy has owned 80 aircraft carriers of all types, all of which originated from the USS Langley (CV-1), the first aircraft carrier to be converted from the USS Jupiter naval coal carrier.

USS Jupiter (AC-3) is one of four coal carriers that were built by the US in the early 20th century. The ship was launched on August 14, 1912 and commissioned on April 7, 1913.

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In 1919, the United States decided to convert USS Jupiter into the first aircraft carrier at the Norfolk naval shipyard, Virginia.

Due to the binding of the Washington Naval Treaty of 1922, USS Langley was only used to conduct naval air tests.

After being converted into an aircraft carrier, USS Langley had a full load of displacement of about 13,900 tons, only two-thirds of the USS Jupiter's 19,360 tons.

USS Langley is equipped with a flight deck, can carry 36 aircraft of all kinds, along with 4 127 mm caliber guns.

As the first aircraft carrier in the US Navy, USS Langley has witnessed many significant events with this force.

More than a week later, Major Godfrey de Courcelles Chevalier made the first aircraft carrier landing with an Aeromarine 39B.

USS Langley participated in many training, testing and drills with the US Navy Pacific Fleet between 1927 and 1936, helping to train many excellent pilots and perfecting the aircraft operating doctrines for

During World War II, USS Langley fought on the Pacific front and was stationed in the Philippines.

USS Langley was hit by a bomb five times, killing 16 crew members, ruining the rudder, water entering the engine bay and tilting 10 degrees, forcing the crew to leave the ship.

"USS Langley is a revolutionary design that helps the US Navy overcome the numerous challenges of operating an aircraft carrier at sea such as taking off and preserving aircraft. It is the first step in helping the United States to deploy power."