The US Navy announced to confiscate large amounts of weapons of origin from Russia and China on a nationality ship in the Arab Sea.

"Weapon lots include dozens of modern anti-rise missiles produced by Russia, thousands of Type-56 rifles made in China, hundreds of PKM machine guns, sniper guns and grenade launchers",


Photo: AFP

The batch of weapons was confiscated by the Arab sea on May 6.

USS Monterey Fleet (CG 61) (CG 61) of the 5th fleet blocked and discovered this number of weapons in periodic periods of June 6-7 in the North Arab Sea area.

"After confiscating the number of smuggled goods, we have evaluated the ability of the ship on the sea, interrupting sailors, streaming food and water and then released them," notify.

Fleet 5 does not indicate where the ship comes from, but said the US Navy regular patrols in the Arab sea area have "cut off smuggled goods for terrorism and other illegal activities"

A US defense official said the initial investigation showed that the ship departed from Iran, could transport this number to Houthi rebels in Yemen.

This is one of the biggest weapons confiscation cases on the Arab sea.

Yemen was sinking in the civil war lasting for many years to gain control of the country from 2015 between Houtshi rebels supported by Iran and the military alliance led by Arab Saudi.