America and European allies are trying to be more powerful in Indian Ocean - Pacific with the top goal of restraining China.

With the increasingly fierce comments on Taiwan issues, a new agreement to provide nuclear submarines for Australia and the fact that Europe starts strategies to deeper participation in the situation of Indian Ocean and Thai areas


Photo: AP.

The British carrier combat team and Japanese helicopter and the Canadian helicopter on the Pacific Ocean in September 2021.

Beijing was annoyed by these moves.

When the United Nations General Assembly meeting opened on September 21, both leaders chose a thin language.

However, the basics remain unchanged.

China considers Taiwan a partial territory waiting for unified, can by force if necessary.

On September 24, US President Biden will hold a security dialogue with the remaining three members in the quartet group, including Japan, India and Australia.

The move took place more than a week after an unexpected announcement that Australia will cancel the contract to close traditional submarines worth tens of billions of USD signed with France to transfer to a nuclear submarine with technology transferred by the US and

One thing is that everyone is heading to India - Pacific Ocean, Garima Mohan, Asian expert at the German Marshall Foundation, said.

Not everyone has the same risk assessment of China, she said.

EU policy emphasizes the efforts to dialogue with Beijing and encourage China to play an important role in building an Indian Ocean - Pacific Pacific region, and at the same time proposed to strengthen

The policy also noted that the Chinese strengthening military construction and festival strength and increasing stress at regional hotspots such as the East China Sea, East Sea or Taiwan Strait, can influence

Germany, water with a close economic relationship with China, received a wake-up bell last week when China refused for the country's Bavaria warships.

Other EU countries, especially France, have also sent the naval gas to exercise in Indian Ocean - Pacific.

After refusing to request to dock from Germany, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the country is still ready to carry out friendship activities with Germany on the basis of respect and trust each other, but he emphasizes the North

China proved to be unsecured when giving a reaction to the Australian nuclear submarine agreement, calling this an irresponsible action and warned that it would seriously damage peace and stability in the region.

In order to sign a contract with the US and Britain, Australia canceled the agreement to manufacture electrical engine submarines - diesel with the rule of $ 66 billion, making Paris angry.

But according to Laurence Nardon, expert at the French International Relations Institute, the US ignored France's participation in the Indian Ocean - Pacific by not notice in advance to Paris on the agreement of the submarine agreement.

There is a way to do this while keeping European allies beside, she said.

During the Diffends on September 22 with the Frenchman Macron, US President Biden reaffirmed the important strategic role of France and Europe in the Indian Ocean - Pacific region.

Not only serving the goal of pursuing nuclear submarines, the latest agreement is also a sign that Australia is committed to standing on the US long-term in policy dealing with China, Euan Graham, expert at the Research Institute

The submarine agreement also has the potential risk of exacerbating the commercial war that is taking place between Canberra and Beijing.

Europe's new strategy will take time to do it but it clearly shows how the EU is about to cooperate with the United States in the region, which is missing before.

America is unknown why Europe is interested in Indian Ocean - Pacific and exactly what role they want to play, Mohan said.

In strategic outline, EU towards gathering many resources together to create high efficiency and more close cooperation with quartet groups, Association of Southeast Asian countries (ASEAN) and other organizations

The EU also plans to strengthen current activities, such as Atalanta anti-piracy missions off African horns and in western Indian Ocean or further promoting maritime security and maritime safety mission in the Indian Ocean

Europe rated very practical about what they could and could not do in the area, Mohan commented.