When the US is excess Vaccine Covid-19 because the demand is lower than the supply, the governors and mayor must find creative ideas to convince immunizations.

Initial incentives for relatively humble vaccines: donate donuts, hunting licenses, baseball tickets, burgers, beer, whiskey, even bonds saved enough to buy one


Photo: AP

Governor Ohio Mike Dewine on May 13 "played big" when held 5 lottery awards per week for adults who had been vaccinated starting from May 26, every million USD.

"Some people call me, complaining that it is a crazy idea. But there are also a wonderful initiative," Dewine said.

Keidy Ventura, 17 years old, the first vaccine in New Jersey in April. Photo: AP.

Officials like Dewine are looking forward to extinguishing a pandemic and opening the economy, but they face the public hesitation for vaccines.

"In the first hour of the clinic opened today, we found the number of people injecting each hour seven times more than last night," Tubbs said.

Meanwhile, in Camden village 2,000 people in Preble County, Southwest Ohio, people who do not have a prospect of receiving a million dollars.

Camden village pharmacy is one of the only two vaccination points in the grain and only vaccines Johnson & Johnson.

"It's normal," Perry said.

Perhaps the motivation of money is creating changes in the Preble County.

At a mobile vaccination point in Southwest Montgomery County, Ohio, 4 people injected vaccines on May 13 but no one did so because of a million USD award.

"I want to wait another time before the injection", the remaining mechanic, Brad George, 37, said.

Americans are divided into three groups based on the views on vaccines.

Politics is one of the factors that lead to hesitation attitude to vaccines.

Some people are not too hesitant, but they have not been vaccinated for other reasons, like too busy or living in remote areas, too far from vaccination.

When officials and vaccine supporters across the country tried to entice people to vaccinate, they focus less into money that focus on things that make people interested. New Jersey Phil

In Washington capital, a group named DC Marijuana Justice gave more than 4,200 marijuana cigarettes at vaccination points on April 20.


Photo: Washington Post.

Three people drink beer for free after vaccination in Washington capital this month.

A state has no matter who offers pennsylvania.

However, this attraction seems less generous because the American disease control and prevention center has recommended that full vaccinations do not need to wear an indoor or outdoor mask in most situations

The surveys showed the promises of relaxing regulations wearing masks and stretching from socially not effectively urging the public.

Cash is another story.

The bottom line is that encouraging measures are showing that they work, Noel Brewer, Northern Carolina University professor, who studied the interference between public health and human behavior, said.

President Joe Biden government is joining the game.

Biden has set a target of at least one dose for 70% of adults in the US before July 4.

In Seattle, this city government began to provide free food at vaccine points.

However, the Million USD Lottery of Ohio has stumbled criticism, when MPs represent Jon Cross to call this "game-show".

At Cleveland, some people poured on vaccination points on May 13 after Dewine's announcement.

Kim Snow said her brother-in-law has not been vaccinated, but "can chance to win a million dollars will make him change their minds."

At Clair-Superior, where 3/4 residents are the skin and have a low vaccination rate, Lana Davis, 64 years old, worried about the vaccine.

"I have 30 grandchildren," she said.

Sadea Bryant, Columbus residents, said she delayed vaccination until they felt their long-term effects were thoroughly studied.

She and her husband watching TV on May 13 when seeing the governor's announcement on millimeter.