After the US Supreme Court abandoned the right to abortion, Thomas Figueroa, 27, decided to register for vasectomy.

Thomas Figueroa, information technology expert, does not want to have children and have considered lacing vasectomy for the past few years.


Photo: NY Times

After the US Supreme Court on June 24 reversed the ROE ruling against Wade, declaring abortion was not the right to constitutional, Figueroa hurriedly rescheduled sterilization.

I have been delayed for a long time.

Figueroa is not alone.

The man holding a poster called for vasectomy between the protesting group to demand an abortion right before the Supreme Court, on May 2.

The vasectomy is a permanent form of sterilization, preventing sperm from passing through the pipe and combined with semen.

Male doctors shared that the requirement to perform subjacurous surgery has soared, in which this demand is under 30 years old, without children, increasing.

Dr. Stein said he currently receives 12-18 requests for vasectomy a day, compared to 4-5 requests a day before the court rules.

Many of them considered this minor surgery for a while, the court's ruling motivated them to come to the final decision, Stein said.

At least 60-70% of patients mentioned the Supreme Court's decision, John Curington, his colleague with Mr. Stein, said.

Eric Nisi, 29, is one of such people.


Photo: AFP

Americans protested in Boston, Massachusetts on June 24 to protest the Supreme Court's decision.

Some doctors said the amount of required vasectomy has increased sharply since the draft of the Court's ruling ruling in May.

Marc Goldstein, male doctor and director of male and microsurgical students, of Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York, said he often sees the number of patients who are resumed for vasectomy per week.

This is not the first time an important event makes the demand for vasectomy skyrocketing.

The law of affordable health care, often called Obamacare, does not require all insurance companies to pay for vasectomy, unlike contraception for women.

Dr. Werthman in Los Angeles, who has 20 years of experience in vasectomy, believes that changes in men's psychology, they are more interested in their role in family planning compared to before.

Nisi does not want his girlfriend Omelian to be stressed out of pregnancy, at the risk of lack of access to future contraception.

Figueroa has the same view.

On the morning of June 25, a girl entered the parking lot of the Jackson Women's Health Clinic in Mississipi, with an older woman and a young man on the side.

Obsessed with the raped and abortion at the age of 16, Diana Villanueva believes that the human body is entirely due to the disposition of the Lord.