The two American sergeants were awarded medals for his hero's actions when he saved some people in distress in Phu Quoc, including 10-year-old boys.

According to June 8 announcement on Facebook of the US Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City.

The Marine Times of the American Marines said the two soldiers were Carey Defreitas and Justin Seacry, bringing the sergeant.

Sergeant Carey de Freitas (middle) is awarded medal.

The incident took place in January, when Defreitas and Seacry were vacationing and tourism in Vietnam's Phu Quoc Island.

Two minutes later, they saw a man who was still panicked to seek under the sea and learned that a boy in the family was still missing.

After 10 minutes, the Vietnamese man found a 10-year-old boy and put it on the boat.

De Freitas said after artificial respiration for more than 10 minutes, he felt exhausted and lost her hope.

Medical staff then arrived, taking the boy into the hospital to treat.

It was one of the most great feelings I experienced, De Freitas recounted the moment to witness the uncondal boy.

Images are consulate in the US in Ho Chi Minh City.