China has made a big strategic mistake when retaliating Europe by punishing EU politicians, according to former US commercial officials.

In the interview on June 7, Clete Willems, the former Deputy Director of the US National Economic Council, said that China applied to the Punishment of European Union politicians (EU) killed the head agreement


Photo: CNBC

Clete Willems, former Deputy Director of the US National Economic Council, in an interview in June 2019.

China In March, the order punishes 10 EU politicians and 4 European entities.

This is the first time the EU applied sanctions to China since the 1989 weapons embargo. However, Beijing used many times to deny the alleged abuse of Ngo at atrias from the West, thinking them

After China's EU response, the European Parliament in the previous month, the freezing resolution approved the investment agreement between the two sides, until Beijing withdrew the sanctions.

According to Willems, China's retaliating move is a big strategic mistake, showing Beijing is overreacting, because Cai is an important agreement that China has expected.

It was promoted for 7 years and achieved consensus in December 2020, creating conditions for businesses each side to approach deeper than the other market, and strengthen Beijing's position as a partner

However, Europe depends more on the export market in China.

I think we have seen some positive signals, but the US allies have to do in putting pressure on China, to force them to change actions, he comments.