AustraliaSamantha Azzopardi who lied was to be a victim of trafficking or Royal Swedish members, claiming to be a minor even 30 years old.

Emily Peet, Lindsay Coughlin, Dakota Johnson, Georgia McAuliffe, Harper Hernandez, Harper Hart, Behind all these names are just a woman: Azzopardi mass scammers, 32 years old, from Sydney.


Photo: BBC

At the end of last month, she was sentenced to two years in prison for fake papers to ask for a pattern for a family and put their two children across Victoria without being allowed.

Samantha Azzopardi.

She had trouble with officials for years.

During the trial process, the court has heard that she is diagnosed with serious personality disorders and rare diseases called Pseudologia Fantastica - feeling I have to lie.

Azzopardi's prison sentence revolves around the 2019 incident in Australia's Victoria, involving a French couple who cannot reveal its identity.

Azzopardi informed her couple that she would take their two children to picnic.

Before being stopped by the official in a department store, she came to a nearby consulting service and introduced herself as a pregnant teenager.

Earlier, Azzopardi made a sample of Australian basketball player Tom Jervis, and his wife, Jezze, for nearly a year.

But the scam story began to clarify when the couple received the information she used Jezze's identity to make a recruiter actress.

I have treated her like my daughter, Jezze said, said she felt insulted to know the truth.

Detective Irish David Gallagher also had a strange encounter with Azzopardi, when she appeared in Dublin, Ireland in October 2013.

Garda Síochána, Irish police officer, discovered that she went back and forth outside the Dublin General Post Office, looking sad, but didn't talk.

Two policemen took Azzopardi to the hospital and for many weeks she did not say a word, causing officials to worry that she was a victim of human trafficking, while local media called her a post office.

Police inspects security cameras and to each neighborhood housing to ask for information.

Police Satch Gallagher said they always doubted her age but never thought she lied completely.

His investigation unit finally asked a senior court to allow sharing her photos to find information.

When the image was public, the family she used to be at the beginning to Ireland recognized her.

When the truth about her circumstances and age is clarified, people in the investigation team and managing this investigation have disagreements, SUPT Gallagher said.

Azzopardi has been mental health assessment but is considered not to intervene.

Ireland police photo announced when looking for clues.

Next year, Azzopardi appeared in Calgary, Canada.

Once again, investigators and health care workers spent weekly to investigate the case, until someone discovered the Dublin story and realized the relationship.

Azzopardi also has many other fake identities.

Another time, Azzopardi made a family in Perth that she was Russian gymnastics athlete, the whole family died in a suicide murder in France.

At the end of May, Azzopardi wore blue prison clothes and a mask, blond hair was bunched up when listening to the sentence.

Jessica Willard by defense lawyer said the client did not plan to separate two children 4 and 10 years old with their parents or harm them.

She also recorded concerns about Azzopardi's mental health.

Azzopardi spent more than a 1.5 years of detention before trial, meaning she could qualify amnesty.

Gallagher said he watched Azzopardi's case for the past 8 years.

Is the prison a suitable place for her?