China gradually narrowed the gap in the race under the water with the United States, forcing Washington to share secret submarine technology for allies to increase advantages.

The bottom line of the three-party defense agreement Aukus was announced last week was the US, he will provide technology and technical support to Australia to build the first 8 nuclear submarine fleet.


Photo: Reuters.

The observers evaluating submarines is the next competitive field in the military competition between the US and China superpowers, when Beijing now has significantly narrowed the distance in the power of domination of the sky,

USS Tennessee nuclear submarine on the way back to the Kings naval base in Georgia, USA, in February 2013.

We will update and improve common capacity to deal with the threats of the 21st century, like what to have done in the 20th century, US President Joe Biden spoke in the White House ceremony on the White House

Biden does not specify what these threats are, but many analysts believe that he is referring to China, the country is competing fiercely with the United States in many areas, including military power

Only 6 nuclear powers in the world, including the US, England, France, Russia, China and India, owning nuclear submarines.

The United States has developed a nuclear submarine since the Cold War and possesses the submarines considered the world's most modern.

However, the US is increasingly concerned about military balance in the Indian Ocean - Pacific region, before China's rapid rise.

According to the research of the Global Policy Advisory Organization Rand, the United States has overwhelmed China on aerial power, at sea, but this distance has gradually narrowed.

China currently owns 1,250 land missiles for no range of 500-5,500 km.

US submarines still retain the advantage over China on stealth technology, the ability to maintain continuous operation as well as monitor and detect targets.

In April, China's Chinese President attended the three military boards at a tranza city.

Truong Chinh-18 can equip 12 ballistic missiles JL-2, a maximum range of about 8,000 km with the ability to carry nuclear warheads.


Photo: TASS.

Of China's 56 submarines, there are 10 kernel submarines, according to the report from the US Department of Defense.

The US is supposed to deploy about 10 submarines across the Pacific region.

A submarine carrying Chinese Jin ballistic missiles.

Meanwhile, Chinese submarines are becoming more and more daring in the activities in the sea.

Japan Defense Force (SDF) in January 2018 discovered a Chinese submarine in the contiguous area around the Senkaku / Diaoyu is controlled by Tokyo but Beijing also claimed sovereignty on the East China Sea.

Chinese maritime activities in recent years are expanding towards Australia.

According to a report published by the Hudson Institute in Washington, the submarine threats for the US and allies are increasing significantly.

The submarine has become an increasingly important factor in the list of opponents' weapons, providing essential capabilities for their strategy, reporting for good.

The US Naval Plan in 2021 also noted the risks from the Chinese Naval Force with the world's largest fleet and said that Washington needs to build a larger and more powerful fleet, owning more submarines

Ni Lexiong, military expert in Shanghai, commented on China and Russia all have weaker underground resistance than the US.

However, Zhou Chenming, military researcher in Beijing, assessing US submarines still causing significant concerns for China.

America has a lot of nuclear submarines and they think we are a threat, Zhou said.