He gave South Korea to borrow a million doses of Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine according to the exchange agreement and Seoul will repay before the end of the year.

By working closely with Korean friends, the decision to exchange this vaccine will maximize the speed of Korean vaccination and does not affect his vaccination campaign, British medical minister Sajid


Photo: Reuters.

Medical staff vaccinated Pfizer for people at a vaccination center in Seoul, South Korea, on March 10.

The British government said it was a million doses of Pfizer Pfizer in this country without instant use and could be used more quickly in Korea.

DHSC added that this move will help Korea achieve the second vaccine vaccination target for 70% of the population at the end of October. The first vaccine will be moved to Korea in the coming weeks.

Also this month, England and Australia make a similar Vaccine Covid-19 exchange agreement.

Korea in July also received 700,000 doses of Pfizer to expire that Israel had not yet used.