Chinese military for 14 fighters, two strategic strategic bombers and three muscular reconnaissance into the air conditioning area of Taiwan Island.

Taiwan Defense Agency said the Chinese military aircraft team consists of 12 J-16 fighters, two J-11 fighters, two strategic strategic strategies H-6, two aircraft spreaders.

Chinese aircraft flying in the area between Taiwan Island and Dong Sa islands controlled by Taipei.

Defense forces Aerial Taiwan thoroughly impressive and warning through radio waves with Chinese aircraft groups.

China has not commented on the above information.

F-16 fighter of Taiwan Island (left) Monitoring bombardment H-6 China mainland in 2020. Photo: Taiwan Defense Agency.

The Approach Occurs on the same day the Taiwanese island government applies to join the Comprehensive Partnership Agreement and Trans-Pacific Progress (CPTPP), less than a week after the Ministry of Trade in announced the application

China always considers Taiwan a consistent province and claims to use force if needed.

The closest time the Taiwanese military aircraft approaching Taiwan was on September 17 with 8 fighters and two muscle reconnaissance, happening after Taiwanese officials proposed to increase military spending nearly 9 billion USD