The fact that Kim Jong-un Christmas the leading adviser about the weapons show shows that military policy is not their top priority right now.

Last week, North Korea announced some personnel changes could be the most important lead leadership in many years.


Photo: KCNA

Kim Jong-un (the first second row from left to) to visit the sun palace on July 7.

Photos on the state media on July 8 on the visit of Kim Jong-Un's family tomb seem to confirm that Ri Pyong-Chol, the adviser plays the leading role in the ballistic and granular rocket program

In photos, ri, people occasionally wear military uniforms, this time wearing civilian clothes and standing behind the needle, showing his new role is unclear.

In the photo Nobody seems to be the replacement of Mr. Ri's position in the Politburo Standing Committee, all those standing next to Kim Jong-un are a civilian official.

The military dominates issues in Korea and has no signs that it will change in the long term, but changes can signal that Mr. Kim is not able to continue using grain weapons

The focus in the country is now the economy, not a nuclear program, he added.


Photo: Reuters

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un at a meeting of the Korean Labor Party on July 5.

Rachel Minyoung Lee, analyst at the Korean North-North research program based in the US, said it was difficult to determine the fate of Ri, but not yet mentioned to conclude this signal signal

Kim Jong-Un was disappointed because officials did not perform instructions or convey accurate information to him.

Mr. Kim has reduced the officials close to a group of technicians and internal security staff, two areas to ensure that Juche maintains at this time, he said, referring to Korean self-ideology

Michael Madden, expert in North Korean leaders at 38 North, said that what looks like Christmas can be part of a common personnel change to prevent any officials to build too many rights bases

Christmas is very popular in Korea politics, he said.