The Belarus Defense Ministry announced that there would be only 9,000 Russian soldiers stationed in the country as part of the contract between the two sides.

The first trains carrying Russian soldiers to join the regional force of the region began to Belarus, Valeriy Revenko, head of the international military cooperation department of Belarus Ministry of Defense today written on Twitter, for Twitter, for


Photo: Reuters.

The soldiers marched at the opening ceremony of the Zapad-2021 exercise organized by the Russian and Belarus armed forces at the Obuz-Lesnovsky training area in the Brest region, Belarus, in September last year.

The total will be less than 9,000 troops, he said.

Belarus on October 10 announced that it would join Russia to establish a co -military force to deal with tensions on the Western border.

Lukashenko previously said that NATO leaders and some European countries were considering aggressive options with Belarus, and could even lead to a nuclear attack.


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Belarus is a close ally of Russia and allows neighbors to use the territory to attack Ukraine.

Belarus position.

President Lukashenko said that the synerging force was expected to include 70,000 Belarus soldiers and may not have less than 10,000 Russian soldiers.

President Lukashenko had a military and political reason to not send the Belarus army to fight in Ukraine, despite announcing a coordination force with Russia.