CEO Gazprom said the plan to pressure the bare gas ceiling will cause the supply to stop, causing a great impact on the global energy market.

Conflict in Ukraine has led customers to the European Union (EU) to reduce the purchase of Russian energy while the G7 and the EU are trying to apply the price of the country's oil and gas.


Photo: Reuters.

Such a decision is of course violating existing contracts, leading to stopping supply, Alexey Miller, CEO (CEO) of Russian Energy Group Gazprom, today spoke on television.

CEO Gazprom Alexey Miller attended a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin at Kremlin in Moscow in March 2019.

Earlier, CEO Gazprom warned that European households could still be cold in the coming winter, although the area has significantly storing gas.

According to him, during the peak consumption, Europe is forecast to lack 800 million m3 of gas per day, equivalent to about 1/3 of the total demand.

Surely Europe will pass this winter but what will happen when they need to pump gas into the storage facility before the winter of 2023 and 2024?, Miller asks questions.

Last month, Russian President Vladimir Putin also threatened to cut the source of energy if the decision to impose a bare gas price was passed, and warned the West that they would be frozen, like a wolf tail in a sentence.

According to experts, the reduction of supply from Russia, the second largest oil exporting country after Saudi Arab and the world's leading natural gas export, will wobble the global energy market, causing energy prices

Experts predict that European will have to go through many difficult winters before it can fill the void of gas supply from Russia.

The gas saving momentum of European people is not as expected, partly may be because they are too subjective because they are allowed to be subsidized from the government.